Tour Journal 04.17.15: The Bus



The newest aspect for most of us on this tour is the bus. All of last year for the Carolina Chocolate Drops was spent in vans; two different 15-passenger Fords, a Sprinter in the UK and Europe and couple of mini-vans when our transmission ate itself on the way to the West Coast. Though the long drives across prairies, mountains, and deserts could be grueling, I knew what to expect.

The view inside a bunk...Though there were some initial apprehensions, we’ve all adapted pretty quickly. Though the bunks are rather small, its great to be able stretch out completely, which is virtually impossible in a van.

Most of the driving happens at night, so in the mornings you can get out, walk around town a bit, get some exercise, find a coffee shop, etc. I feel refreshed before a gig instead of achy from sleeping in sitting position.

I can be weird  sleeping while on the interstate though.There’s a lot of irregular motion and vibration. Something might rattle in a way that makes it hard for you drift off or a sudden bump can pull you out of a dream.

Still, on the whole, it’s a great way to travel. Having a fixed point in your life when you find yourself in a new town everyday with new faces and a new environment to learn is very comforting. A rolling home-away-from-home.

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