As a musician, one tends to be most active in the evenings. That’s when the shows are, naturally, because most everyone is at work or school during the day. So that leaves the daytime for non-performance activities.
So, this is my third day in a row at an internet cafe. One can get ones morning coffee, have lunch, catch up on correspondence, and attend to various other online activities for hours on end.
I end up getting quite ansty after about three hours, but, all in all, its quite pleasant. But I’m always very glad for the onset of evening, the removal of my butt from a vinyl chair and the promise of a gig…

Peach’s Grill

After, an unintentional, twenty minute detour, we found our way to the Tuesday open mic at Peach’s Grill in Yellow Springs, Ohio just outside of Dayton, which is, seemingly, a very hip college town.
Peach’s Grill has a very nice sound system, with a dedicated sound man for the evening (which is rare for an open mic). We were also in the company of some great players as well.
But most importantly, they have an obscene number of beers on tap (something like 25) and pretty good food from what I hear. If your in the Dayton area and your looking for some thing to do, this is definately a place to look in to.

A week in Dayton…

So, we’re hanging in Dayton for the week. Our initial plan was to be in Columbus, IN by now, but the venue we were supposed to play here on Saturday was went out of business. We did manage to get an other show scheduled for Thursday, but that means we have no chance to hit open mics in Columbus before our show on Friday. We could go up and back, but that would mean a additional four hour round trip.
So, instead, we’re trying find open mics in Dayton. We went to one in last night at a bar call Chapter II which led to us finding a place to go tonight. Which is great ’cause, we were getting a little worried that we’d not find anything. But hey, that’s just the way it works sometimes.

The road to Loveland, OH

Getting a very slow start this morning… Thankfully, the next show isn’t very far away; Loveland, OH, only about an hour-and-a-half drive from here.
Must have coffee soon… I’ve really been letting my caffeine drop rather low…

Victoria’s Midnight Cafe: afterword

So the show last night was  was really good! I was a little worried at first, cause there seemed to be no binding theme between the various acts. But then our set started and whole bunch of people where there. Awesome!

Jozart Studio

By the way, this is Jozart Studio, where we stay when we’re in the Pittsburgh Area.

Jozart Studio

Jozart Studio

Victoria’s Midnight Cafe

So… Here I sit at Victoria’s Midnight Cafe, located in a sort of bohemian neighborhood in Columbus, OH. Again, we’ll be playing the open mic here tonight at about 10pm.
It’s really hot in here, but it seems like a cool place… It’s kind of a coffee house that serves food and alcohol.
The open mic is just getting started now… I’m gonna go through my photos and email and enjoy the show.

Victorias Midnight Cafe

Victoria's Midnight Cafe

“On The Road” Day 2

Day 2 “On The Road” finds me having a relaxing morning at Jozart Studios in California, PA. ilyAIMY played the open mic here last night and, as usual, crashed here after the show. We got a really good responce as there are still a quite a few people who haven’t seen the us in more than the duo configuration. Continue reading

Heading out on tour with ilyAIMY today

Heading out on tour with ilyAIMY today. Currently, I’m sitting in the Lloyd home and in a few minutes will be on the road.

First stop, California, PA, which is just outside of Pittsburg. We’ll be at the Jozart open-mic night for the evening.

It’s very exciting to be heading off on the road again. This is the first in about six months sense I’ve done any significant travel for music and this will certainly be the longest I’ve done since I stopped working at Renaissance Festivals.